Video Portfolio

Mark has worked on 25+ music videos and 6 webseries generating over 15 million views worldwide, here is a collection of some of the videos he’s worked on and helped create, with positions ranging from Assistant Director, Location Scout, Casting Director, Production Assistant, Performer, and various other roles.

Ryn Scott – Let it Go
2018 – Bassment Sounds – Assistant Director

Sean Forbes – Two Blown Speakers
2017, Mangiardi Films – Performer

Different Colors – Walk The Moon
2015, D-PAN Productions – Assistant Director

‘A Lil Louder (Clap Your Hands)’ – Rance Allen Group
2015, Mangiardi Films – Assistant Director
*Nominated for Gospels Musics  2015″Stellar Awards” Video of the Year.

‘Wrecking Ball’ – Miley Cyrus
2014, Mangiardi Films – Assistant Director & Location Scout

‘Vendetta’ – Wawa

2014, Mangiardi Films – On-site Liaison

‘You Bought The Sunshine’ – The Clark Sisters
2013, D-PAN Productions- Assistant Director

‘Fireflies’ – Owl City
2013, D-PAN Productions – Assistant Director

‘It’s Time’ – Imagine Dragons
2013 , D-PAN Productions – Assistant Director

‘Watch These Hands’ – Sean Forbes
2012, Mangiardi Films – Assistant Director

‘Last Night’ – Motherfunker
2012, Mangiardi Films – Assistant Director

‘Hammer’ – Sean Forbes
2012, Mangiardi Films & Ovation Network – Assistant Director

‘Def Deaf Girls’ – Sean Forbes
2012, Mangiardi Films – Performer, Casting, Location Scout, Production Assistant

‘Secret Fears’ – KGBGs
2012, Mangiardi Films & Ovation Network – Assistant Director

‘We Interrupt This Program’ – Sean Forbes
2011, Mangiardi Films – Assistant Director, Performer (Abraham Lincoln Mask)

‘Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back’ – Sean Forbes ft. ML Leibler
2011, Mangiardi Films – Production Assistant

‘We’re Going To Be Friends’ – The White Stripes
2011, D-PAN Productions and Lucky Airlines – Production Assistant

‘Let’s Mambo’ – Sean Forbes
2010, D-PAN Productions – Performer (Cello player on stage)

‘I’m Deaf’ – Sean Forbes
2010, Mangiardi Films – Production Assistant


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