D-PAN Workshop – Brooklyn, Michigan

February 20-22nd saw the D-PAN team host another Youth ASL music video sign language weekend workshop. We had 20 students ages 12-17 attend the camp, many coming from Detroit and metro Detroit area, as well as a couple students from Massachusetts!

We are extremely proud of the students as they put their heads together to create, film, perform and edit a music video in just 12 hours. A hard task indeed. These kids never cease to amaze me with their passion and excitement. Once again I am blown away by the result. I couldn’t be more honored to be involved with such a talented team to help blossom and develop the future of Deaf Talent! The video is going through a few minor touch-ups and will be released shortly!!

Students with their certificates of completion and the D-PAN team
Students with their certificates of completion and the D-PAN team

EDIT: Here’s the video:


2 Replies to “D-PAN Workshop – Brooklyn, Michigan”

  1. These weekend workshops offered by D-PAN are such a fantastic way to bring young and talented members of the deaf community together to focus on a creative task. I can’t begin to imagine how much each student learns and grows from the experience. As an added bonus, fans of D-PAN benefit by seeing the finished result. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing what this group has accomplished!!

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