Two Years and No Updates? What Happened

It’s been two years and I haven’t updated my website…what gives? Well here’s the short of it.

I’ve been EXTREMELY busy with Two years ago we launched the FIRST online TV network website dedicated to providing accessible content in American Sign Language, Voice-over, and captioning. What started as a small team of 5 of us grew into a 32+ person operation with staff all throughout the country. My job duties continued to grow endlessly. Starting off as a Content Manager for the website trying to pull in webseries, short films, ASL music videos, and much more, my primary focus shifted into the Director and Associate Producer for DTV News which has been VERY time consuming. Ensuring daily news and information is delivered to our audiences on time, with correct information, unique, original, and ACCESSIBLE for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers as well as audiences that may or may not know ASL is a lot of work. Our staff grew quickly to 32 and I oversaw every aspect from the story selections, script writing, all the way through filming, voice-over and captioning. It’s a tedious but imperative process. Along the way we also launched a new series which I helped produce, Tru-Biz, a Deaf related hollywood/entertainment news series.

In addition to overseeing these programs, I developed my own “character” and starred in my own short fun segments called “Facts of Life with Rex Turner”, helped produce “Between the Lines”, and helped make history with by providing live interpretations for the 2016 Presidential Debates, AND the Superbowl halftime show. In mid 2015 I also flew out to LA to work alongside director Jules Dameron as her Assistant Director for the soon-to-be-released web series “Reverse Polarity”.  Alongside overseeing the staff and all these projects, I have also been overseeing production for multiple external clients for DPAN.

That’s just a brief synopsis of the past two years, not including international performances with Sean Forbes in London, numerous DJ gigs and other really cool highlights and achievements. It’s been A LOT of work, so I hope you can forgive me for a lack of website updates.

With all that being said – I’m currently working to renovate my website to reflect all my latest projects, jobs, highlights, and make this website more current. Til then, thanks for your patience as I work on getting my site up-to-date.


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