Busy Busy Busy…

The last four months of life has been absolutely crazy busy, which explains my complete lack of updates. Life has a funny way of taking you places that you least expect.

Since I last posted in May, I took a spill skateboarding on a halfpipe and fractured my wrist, which put my left hand out of commision for a month. While that was healing, I headed off to work my 10th Bonnaroo Music Festival which saw me clock in 82 hours of work in just 8 days. I took some much needed R&R and took off to Chicago to enjoy the Grateful Dead’s final GD50 shows. Followed up by a short 5 day vacation in Tamarindo, Costa Rica which was the last of my summer downtime.

In July, I was invited to LA to Assistant Direct alongside director Jules Dameron for a new online TV series that is currently under wraps and will be debuting in the New Year. After a week engulfed in Hollywood with a small crew of 25, I then took off to New York City with the D-PAN crew to Assistant Direct a soon-to-be released ASL music video for a band that is currently dominating the charts right now. This project saw me coordinating and scheduling a shoot with a crew of 50 and overseeing 80 people on set.

This summer also saw me working quite a lot of concerts, ranging from Lana Del Ray, Kenny Chesney and One Direction to name a few.

I’ll let the attached photos share my stories of summer. I’ve broken them up into 3 galleries;
1st: Rock n Rollers
2nd: Concerts
3rd: Photos from the Film sets I worked on

I look forward to sharing all of my work very soon. Until then…

ASL Music Video Workshop – Delaware School for the Deaf

April 13 and 14th saw the D-PAN team visiting Delaware School for the Deaf to give a two day workshop to Deaf and hard-of-hearing students on how to create a music video. We had 22 students, and in just 2 school days, we successfully guided the students through the process of brainstorming, performing, filming, and editing an ASL music video. It was a lot of hard work, but amazing to see how the students pulled it off with the limited amount of time they had. Congrats to them all.

If you are interested in learning more about the video workshops we host with D-PAN, seeing past videos, or interested in having us come to your school to do a workshop, click here.

Here is the final video the students created.

I also realized that I never shared the final video by the students from our February workshop, so here is “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift filmed by students from our Holley Family Village ASL music video workshop.